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Anaconda Choke – Round 3 in the Woodshed Wallace series, is now available for pre-order on Amazon.

If you loved Suckerpunch and Hook and ShootAnaconda Choke will knock you out. I feel it’s the best book in the series, forcing Woody to dig deeper than he ever has to survive and protect those he loves.

The story:

Woodshed Wallace is equally at home in the grittiest alleys and brightest MMA cages of Las Vegas, but none of that prepares him for the war that awaits him in Rio de Janeiro. Woody is in Brazil to reunite with his past flame Marcela and the Arcoverde clan and to fight in Banzai Eddie Takanori’s first international Warrior Inc. event.

Marcela and the Arcoverdes do their best to let Woody focus on the fight, but his instincts are too sharp. The family is in trouble. Carrasco, crime lord of the notorious, sprawling Rio slum Axila da Serpente, has taken a liking to Marcela. Carrasco believes he is the embodiment of an Exu, a spirit driven by lust, vice, and crime, and the spirit has demanded ownership of Marcela.

Under the burning MMA spotlights and within the brutal labyrinths of Rio’s slums, Woody must realize what he cherishes most—and what he must fight for—before it is gone forever.

Pre-order Anaconda Choke now from Amazon.

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Research via Fiction (but it’s Steven Pressfield’s fiction, so…)

So I’m writing the first of hopefully many historical adventure novels about Akoniti of Sparta, and while there is plenty of information out there about the training, tactics, and warrior culture of Sparta, I keep bumping up against questions with elusive answers.

For example: Did the Spartans use “sir” when addressing a superior?

When I couldn’t find any documentation on this, I turned to the best resource I could think of. Gates of Fire by Steven Pressfield. I flipped through the pages and found the narrator saying to Dienekes, “Yes, sir.”

More than good enough for me. If Steven MF’n Pressfield has Spartans saying sir, they said sir.

And to get in the right mindset for writing this book, I read a few pages of The Warrior Ethos, also by Mr. Pressfield, every time I fire up the laptop. It’s perfect for dialing into the themes of honor, shame, love, and duty, which form the core of Akon’s Mission.

Like all the best stories,  I don’t know if what I find with this style of research is real, but it is certainly true.


Building a Book Cover Final: E-Book and Paperback Covers for Akon’s Mission

Here they are! The completed covers for Akon’s Mission,  executed by the incredibly talented Dean Stolpmann.

There may be some tweaks to the font color depending on how it looks in the Amazon store, but I’m very pleased with the results. The cover does a great job of capturing the tone of the book, an adventurous story of historical fiction about a young Spartan soldier chosen to serve in the krypteia,  a highly secretive unit that worked as spies, assassins, and special forces in support of Sparta and her elite hoplite army.

Akon's Mission by Jeremy Brown Paperback

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Advice for New Fiction Writers – Part 2

In Part 1 of this series, I talked about removing the gatekeepers from your path to book publication. The best way to do this is to self-publish. So, let’s get into some of the finer details of what it takes to self-publish, and why you should do it.

How do I know my book is ready to self-publish?

One way to determine this is to have a bunch of friends and family read it and tell you how great it is. Don’t do that. It’s unfair to them, because they can’t tell you it sucks (even if it does), and chances are you won’t listen to their feedback anyway (even if it’s right).

I don’t use any sort of peer group or writer’s club to vet my fiction. If you enjoy the process and find it helps you, great, but for me it’s just another way to procrastinate.

But here’s the main reason to avoid feedback before you ship your book:

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Building a Book Cover Part 2: Preliminary Full Cover for CreateSpace Paperback

Here is the latest artwork from the great  Dean Stolpmann for the cover of Akon’s Mission. Dean was very considerate to send the full image as well as how it looks so far on a CreateSpace template, and I am very pleased with how it’s turning out.



Here is the preliminary description for Akon’s Mission, and I think you’ll agree this cover art captures the concept and spirit of the book very well.

Akon’s Mission

Imagine if Jason Bourne had been a Spartan.

An elite, highly intelligent covert operator specializing in infiltration, sabotage, and assassination who also carries with him the battle discipline and contempt for death of a Spartan peer.

This man exists.

His name is Akoniti of Sparta, and he is an agent of the krypteia, a secret society devoted to the state and serving as the shadowy blade for the ruling ephors. Agents are dispatched to eliminate targets political, military, and personal, and during open war they serve as special forces to augment the much-heralded hoplite phalanx.

Akoniti’s adventures will be a blend of the immersive historic detail in Steven Pressfield’s classics such and Gates of Fire and Tides of War and the rousing escapism found in Bernard Cornwell’s Sharpe series.

They begin with Akon’s Mission, set in 432 BC with Akon 22 years old and on his first mission as an agent of the krypteia. Tensions between the Athenian Empire and Sparta are high. Sparta and her allies, the Peloponnesian League, have convened to discuss going to war with Athens. The five elected ephors of Sparta advise against war—publicly. Privately they want nothing more than to extend Sparta’s power far beyond the Lacedaemonian valley, but they need an act of aggression from Athens before they can muster the vaunted Spartan hoplites.

Akon’s mission is to create this act of aggression by any means necessary.  This leads him into a twisted, deadly tapestry where information cuts faster than a xiphos and his skills as a Spartan assassin and devoted citizen will be tested beyond measure as he learns his true history and why he was chosen by the ephors to become the tip of Sparta’s spear.

This book is still being written. Release date coming soon!

Author of Show No Teeth, FIND > FIX > FINISH, Suckerpunch, Hook and Shoot, and the Crime Files series.