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Darwin, Cal and Gabe are Phalanx Security’s best high-speed, low-drag private security team. They’re rotating out of Baghdad for a month of R&R when VIP client Martin Lindy demands immediate protection along the U.S./Mexico border, where he and his crew are spending tax dollars building a virtual fence.

Sounds like a paid vacation.

Then they run into Maro, a Cuban expatriate trained by the Soviets to kill Afghans. Now he’s a mercenary working for the Luna Cartel, protecting drug shipments and dismembering troublemakers with his Russian entrenching shovel.

On the hostile line in the sand between Texas and Mexico, Maro fights for money and the hell of it, using brutal guerrilla tactics to get what he wants. No way these new boys are going to stop him.

But he’s never fought a man like Darwin before. Darwin’s seen plenty like Maro. None have been bulletproof so far.

In this book you will find:

  • Night optics
  • Automatic weapons with suppressors
  • Kisses?
  • An impressive beard
  • Speed, surprise, and violence of action
  • Call signs like “Sheepdog” and “Poppa”
  • Characters you will love
  • Characters you will love to see die

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