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The sequel to SUCKERPUNCH is here.
Woodshed Wallace has fought his entire life to survive. He thinks the big break from Warrior is going to change all that, and he’s right—now he has to make sure Banzai Eddie and Warrior don’t get snuffed out by the Yakuza.

If the Yakuza can’t collect on the debt Eddie owes, they’ll take payment in blood, and they want a lot of it: Eddie, his ex-SAS bodyguard Mr. Burch, and Vanessa, Eddie’s haunted assistant with the half-finished Yakuza tattoo. They’ll even drain Woody if he’s stupid enough to get in the way.

Or if Eddie forces him to.

Honor, stupidity.

Sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference.

Woody has no choice but to use his skills in the streets of Las Vegas and in the cage against a Yakuza-backed catch wrestler named Zombi to help Eddie, Burch and Vanessa stay alive and keep Warrior intact.

Serves Woody right for trusting Eddie and thinking he was off the hook for his past. He should know by now what happens with hooks: when you drop back onto them, they go twice as deep.