PeaceTakers - Part 1Hey everybody! I’m very excited to announce the publication of my latest book project, PeaceTakers. It’s coming out in parts, and this is Part 1.

Here’s the lowdown:

PeaceTakers is the top-selling First Person Shooter video game in the world, a smashing success due to its cutting-edge gameplay and questionable ethics. Nick Babin and his staff at Going Hot Games are about to celebrate the first anniversary of their creation when a familiar face crashes the party—Gavin Reeves, the game’s exiled co-creator. He brought Serbian war criminal Commander Radić and his squad of paramilitary killers, who have their own quarrel with Babin and GHG. They turn the party into a hostage standoff, demanding 40 million within 12 hours or the game—and the people who made it—get erased forever.

Caught in the crossfire are fading action star Evan Clay and his bodyguard/agent Kip, and Morris Riley, a wunderkind programmer using his court-ordered internship to steal and sell game code to overseas developers.

Their only chance could be Detective Mike Fincher, who used to kick down doors as part of Seattle’s Violent Crimes Task Force before his exuberance—partially inspired by months of PeaceTakers—got him dumped behind a desk chasing phony checks.

The clock is ticking. The game has started. Some of the players will find out too late: there are no extra lives.

There is also an official site for the project:

PeaceTakers: Delivering peace one bullet at a time.