This is great! The review mentions Suckerpunch is the first book in a series, and news on book two is coming soon!

Brown (Crime Files and other YA Four-Minute Forensic mysteries) launches a new thriller series with this impressive first set in the violent world of professional mixed martial arts.

When Banzai Eddie Takanori, president of Warrior Incorporated, offers Aaron “Woodshed” Wallace a televised bout, with just two days’ notice, against Junior Burbank, whose only loss came at Wallace’s hands, Wallace seizes this chance as his ticket to the big time.

Despite Eddie’s warning to keep a low profile until the fight, Wallace agrees to do a favor for an old acquaintance, Lance, who once saved his life–accompany Lance to a meeting with a Las Vegas loan shark.

The meeting rapidly spirals out of control, placing Wallace’s career, and life, in jeopardy. The gore inherent in no-holds-barred fighting may be excessive for some, but seasoned noir fans will find plenty to savor.

The engaging Wallace is more than capable of carrying a series. (Aug.)

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