Show No Teeth by Jeremy Brown on KindleShow No Teeth is a murder mystery full of twists, secrets, and backstabbing. Literally.

“The snake smiles but shows no teeth.”
~ Proverb

The tiny Alpine village of Lontan is the perfect mountaintop retreat for assassins who need a place to relax, recover, and hide. Villagers welcome the quiet, low-profile professionals and their cash-heavy wallets.

Daniel Rorque, chief of the one-man communal police corps in Lontan, doesn’t mind the lethal visitors spending time and money in his jurisdiction as long as they leave their business at the base of the mountain.

When a fresh corpse is discovered, Rorque is launched into an investigation with no clear answers and too many very qualified suspects. Caught between assassins who will protect their sanctuary at any cost, villagers who may secretly resent the professional killers, and the mysterious, brutal history of Lontan itself resurfacing, Rorque may discover too late that no one can be trusted.