The past fights dirty.


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No head butts, groin strikes, or eye gouges—MMA heavyweight Woodshed Wallace thinks they’re taking all the fun out of fighting.

He also thinks he’s beaten his criminal past, but the past fights dirty. Woody’s stuck on no-name cards fighting for gas money when Banzai Eddie Takanori—president of MMA’s largest organization—offers him a last minute fight against a highly favored poster boy.

By the time Woody realizes he’s a pawn in a high stakes game between psychopaths, he and those he loves are in way too deep.

Good thing he can take a punch.

And give a few back.

Muscle memory from all the way back to fighting in the empty swimming pool kicked in. I started to pace and survey the floor, if you could call it that. There was standing water in the corners, enough to drown a man if I could get on his back and push his face down.

The footing’s terrible, so nothing fancy. Short, hard punches.

I shook out my arms.

Forehead into nose, temple. Again and again.

I rolled my neck.

Elbows into throat, knees into groin.

I pulled my left knee up toward my chest, then my right.

Don’t let him grab hold, because he won’t let go. He’s bigger and stronger and a black belt in jiu jitsu.

He was watching me, staring me down.

Don’t put your eyes on me. I’ll close them for good.

I would make it out.

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