Thanks to Paul Bishop for this great review on Amazon!


Suckerpunch, Jeremy Brown’s outstanding debut novel, is a visceral thrill-ride through the world of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). His character, Aaron `Woodshed’ Wallace, is as tough as they come – an MMA fighter with more heart than sense, but a man you would always choose to cover your back. He’s trying to change, trying to overcome the harsh life and mistakes in his past, and is well aware he is often his own worst enemy. But he also knows two other things; he can fight, and he can win…

In Suckerpunch, Brown provides a no-holds-barred, straight-ahead action tale. His prose is as stripped down and powerful as the fighters and situations he writes about. Things go from bad to worse, and then much worse, for Woodshed as Brown tells his tale, before he provides the much anticipated fight and follow-up for the readers’ satisfaction.

There were times I found myself wondering how Brown, the writer, was going to get Woodshed, the fighter, out of the incredibly dangerous corners into which he’d been painted. With as many action novels as I’ve read, this was an unusual occurrence – and I enjoyed every agonizing second of it. But the best part was Brown didn’t falter or crush my `suspension of disbelief’ as his plot unfolded toward its resolution.

Suckerpunch is not just an excellent debut novel, it’s an excellent novel period. I’m certainly going to be rooting for both Brown and Woodshed when round two is published in 2012.