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Are you ready for the fight of your life?

Heavyweight mixed martial artist Aaron “Woodshed” Wallace has all the potential in the world, but his criminal past has a permanent chokehold on his career. When the president of MMA’s largest organization offers him a short-notice fight against a highly favored poster boy, Woody seizes his one shot at salvation.

Woodshed is a warrior–he’ll fight anyone, anytime–but he didn’t sign up for kidnapping, psychopath loan sharks, or murder gangs who get off on fight pit deathmatches. By the time Woody realizes he and his loved ones are just pawns in a high-stakes game between maniacs, he’s in way too deep.

Suckerpunch is the first book in the superb Woodshed Wallace series, which also includes Hook and Shoot and Anaconda Choke. If you love raucous thrillers full of non-stop action, hilarious characters, and terrifying enemies, get in the cage and grab your copies now!