Anaconda Choke

Crime Thriller – Round Three in the Woodshed Wallace Series

How do you punch a god in the face?

Woody isn’t sure, but it probably starts with good footwork.

The heavyweight brawler is back for the third round of the killer Woodshed Wallace series, and he’s headed to Rio de Janeiro for a reunion with the Arcoverde clan and a fight against his toughest opponent yet: a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu master who counts down before snapping an elbow or knee.

Marcela and the Arcoverdes do their best to let Woody focus on the fight, but his instincts are too sharp: the family is in trouble. The crime lord of the deadliest favela in Rio believes he is the embodiment of an Exu, a spirit driven by lust, vice, and crime, and Exu believes Marcela is his queen. He will have her, dead or alive.

Under the burning MMA spotlights and within the brutal labyrinths of Rio’s slums, Woody must discover what he cherishes most–what he’s willing to kill and die for–before it is gone forever.

Anaconda Choke is the third book in the superb Woodshed Wallace series, which also includes Suckerpunch and Hook and Shoot. If you love raucous thrillers full of non-stop action, hilarious characters, and terrifying enemies, get in the cage and grab your copies now!