Crime Files

Crime Files: Four-Minute Forensic Mysteries ~ Body of Evidence

Crime Files Body of
This is the First Crime Files book. It stars CSI Wes Burton, Ed the Border collie, Detective Erin Radley, Detective Frank Gibson, CSI Mike Trellis, Dr. Lauren Crown, and Burian U. Gorlach. They team up to solve 51 mysteries – everything from zombies wandering through morgues to missing pieces of chocolate cake – using forensic science.

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Crime Files: Four-Minute Forensic Mysteries ~ Shadow of Doubt

Crime Files: Four-Minute Forensic Mysteries Shadow of
Wes Burton and his crew are back! They use forensic evidence to solve 50 more mysteries, like connecting a loose eyeball to its former owner and using bad breath to find a killer.

Investigators from the Crime Files Books

CSI Wes Burton

CSI Wes BurtonBurton is a witty, intelligent investigator who loves the problem-solving nature of crime scene investigation. His signature fly fisherman’s vest, bristling with evidence gathering tools, is a welcome site at any crime scene (except those run by Detective Gibson).

Not much surprises him, especially a criminal’s ability to weave a nearly perfect lie. He usually prefers evidence analysis to interaction with witnesses and suspects, because unlike people, “evidence stands up; it does not lie.” He appreciates Detective Radley’s interviewing skills and her interest in why a crime occurred, because it allows him to focus on the how.

Wes Burton’s Vest Pocket List

Pocket / Contents

  1. Magnifying glass
  2. CRIME SEEN tape
  3. Pads of paper
  4. Bagged scent articles for Ed
  5. Gloves
  6. Pens
  7. Standard lifting tapes
  8. Flashlight
  9. Evidence bags
  10. Evidence bottles
  11. Breath mints
  12. ?
  13. Tape measure and ruler
  14. ?
  15. Filtered masks
  16. Fingerprint brushes
  17. ?
  18. Cell phone
  19. Trajectory lasers
  20. 18X to 36X Portable Inspection Microscope
  21. Large lifting tapes
  22. Silver Latent Print Powder
  23. Luminol and Fluorescein
  24. Tweezers
  25. Handheld ultraviolet light
  26. Tyvek booties
  27. Treats for Ed
  28. Portable conductivity meter
  29. Menthol balm
  30. ?


Ed the Border collieEd, short for Exhibit D, is a search and rescue Border collie. She was adopted and trained by Burton after being admitted as evidence in a case against her owner, a methamphetamine dealer. Her fur contained trace elements of the ingredients to make crystal meth, and the dealer was convicted.

She can follow ground and air scent, and is in training to become a certified cadaver dog as well.

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Detective Erin Radley

Detective Erin RadleyAt six-foot-one, Detective Radley can be an intimidating woman. Her motto, “Convict them with kindness,” seems to conflict with her physical appearance, but it is that contradiction that keeps suspects off balance and talking to her. When a woman of her stature hands you a blanket and hot chocolate, then asks why you stabbed your wife, it’s hard to concentrate on your lie.

Radley has a Masters Degree in psychology, and tends to focus on the why of a case, while Burton is only concerned with the how. She plans to publish a study someday on what compels criminals to commit their crimes, and working with Burton presents plenty of odd situations that will set her book apart. She appreciates Burton’s dedication to solving crimes, and his ability to lighten situations that most individuals would find disturbing and depressing.

Detective Frank Gibson

Detective Frank GibsonGibson is what he would call “old school,” using intimidation and volume to get a confession rather than patience and by-the-book techniques. In some cases his approach is required, such as when a kidnapper won’t divulge the location of his latest victim, but for the most part Burton and his team do not appreciate Gibson’s presence at a crime scene.

Gibson and Burton constantly clash with each other, and when it comes to solving a crime they have an unspoken competition to see who can identify the perpetrator first. The perps don’t stand a chance.

CSI Mike Trellis

CSI Mike TrellisTrellis is Burton’s CSI technician assistant, and specializes in trace analysis, arson, and horrible jokes, such as commenting that a shooting victim died from “Too much lead in his diet.” It doesn’t help that he follows every bomb with “Get it? Get it?”

Burton knows that when Trellis is working on a case, he can expect a close attention to detail, exhaustive analysis of evidence, and dedication to finding the guilty party. Detective Gibson likes to pick on Trellis, but the young technician has a knack for frustrating the burly cop, and for that, Burton likes him even more.

Dr. Lauren Crown

Dr. Lauren CrownDr. Crown is a shy, almost reclusive forensic pathologist. A genius in her field, she is nearly incapable of having a normal conversation. However, she is quick to recite the qualifications of a Forensic Pathologist should anyone refer to her as a Medical Examiner, or worse, a Coroner.

She can determine a corpse’s time of death—and be within ten minutes—just by looking at it, but she has no idea who the President of the United States is. And doesn’t care.

Burian U. Gorlach

(Photo withheld to protect the innocent)
Burian, or Bug as he prefers to be called, is a recent immigrant of unknown nationality and the owner of Sensitive Cleaners, a company that cleans and decontaminates crime scenes when the investigation is complete. Bug is anything but sensitive, muttering in semi-English and cackling while he rips up blood-stained carpets and vacuums biohazards.