Hook and Shoot Cover Unveiled

Thanks to everybody at Medallion for designing another great cover for the Woodshed Wallace series. I really like the harsh, chilly color and the layout carried over from Suckerpunch.

Here’s the Medallion page for Hook and Shoot, and here is the brief description along with the full cover:

Aaron “Woodshed” Wallace has fought his entire life to survive. He thinks the big break from MMA promotion Warrior Inc. will change all that, and he’s right. But first he has to make sure Warrior and its president, Banzai Eddie Takanori, don’t get snuffed out by the yakuza.

If the Japanese mobsters can’t collect on the debt Eddie owes, they’ll take payment in blood—no matter whose. Woody has no choice but to use his mixed martial arts skills in and out of the cage to help Eddie and his ex-SAS bodyguard stay alive and to keep Warrior intact.

Serves Woody right for trusting Eddie and thinking he was off the hook for his past. He should know by now what happens with hooks: when you drop back onto them, they go twice as deep.


Hook and Shoot by Jeremy Brown
Hook and Shoot by Jeremy Brown - Click for large size.


  1. Would love to get an ARC as well. Waiting has never been a great virtue of mine. Even if its only until November 1st

  2. Just finished Suckerpunch – EXCELLENT READ!!!! Best book I have read in awhile and I read a LOT!! Fast pace from start to finish – no lag time – good humor, love the characters,entertaining and very well written! Also, even though Marcela is an integral part of the storyline we haven’t seen a lot of her character develop (understandable – 1st in the series and she isn’t the main character), however, I was really delighted with how she has been written so far – a strong woman – you don’t find that too often and it was particularly unexpected in a book set in a fight cage. Kudos for that!! Haven’t read the second book, hope Marcela is in that one too and I will really be disappointed if she gets watered down. I have to go out and get the second one now……

    • Wow Pamela, thanks so much for reading Suckerpunch, and super thanks for such a great review! Your observations are dead-on, and while I can’t give too much away about HOOK AND SHOOT, Marcela will return at some point in Woody’s future. And no worries, she’ll be as badass as ever.

      HOOK AND SHOOT comes out this November, so I’m afraid we’ll both have to wait a while to find out what you think of it. If you don’t mind, I’d like to add you to my list of advance reader copies. I’ll email you when the book is ready!

      All the best,

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