Update on Anaconda Choke – Round 3 in the Woodshed Wallace Series

Hey everybody, I hope your holidays are fun, festive, and full of love. And if you saw the fight between Chris Weidman and Anderson Silva, I hope you can get that image out of your head.

This is a quick update on Anaconda Choke, the third book in the Woodshed Wallace series. Assuming the novel will be around 70K words, I just passed the halfway point on the first draft. It’s going very well, and Woody, Gil, Marcela, and Jairo–as well as a bunch of new characters–have taken this story into some places I didn’t expect.

I’ll keep you posted as progress continues, and provide some teasers for what to expect when the book comes out in 2015.

My job as a content manager and lead writer for a great video game company has kept me very busy creatively, and as a result my writing pace has slowed a bit. I apologize for that, and wanted to let you know what I have planned after Anaconda Choke is complete. In no particular order:

Have a great New Year, and as always, thanks for reading!


  1. Since locking authors into windowless rooms and forcing them to write is illegal (at the moment), I’ll have to be patient. *Sigh
    All attempted humor aside, congrats to you good sir!

    • Thanks S.R.! This helps me stay ahead of my deadline, just in case it becomes legal upon tardiness. Now I need to check that contract…

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