Write the Story Flowchart


  1. Hi
    Its amazing
    And again I reached this blog because of the reason mentioned here: β€œare you reading flowcharts…..” πŸ˜€

    Read it twice, sitting straight again to confirm
    Thats nice
    Stay blessed

  2. Jeremy, Just printed this and posted it to my writing wall. Thank you, I really chuckled when it said, ‘dang”. I grew up saying Dang (and other words that I still say but am trying hard not to say them)…and things like “sookie, sookie now”. Thanks for taking me back in time πŸ™‚

    • That’s great Brian! I’m very glad the flowchart might help, and now I’m going to start saying “Sookie, sookie now.” It’s just too fun not to say.

      • Sookie sookie now, if you look it up in the urban dictionary also has a sexual connotation, which I didn’t know when I was teaching my Northwestern University students about African American cultural terms…to me it meant, “well alright go on with your bad self”…and then a student started reading the urban dictionary definition out loud in the classroom…I had to back pedal as teachers sometimes have to do, and provide the accurate use and context. In other words, JB…Just be careful to who you say this to, and when.

  3. I’ve seen this chart months ago, but from time to time it comes to my mind and makes me smile (again).

    When I first reached the point “are you reading flowcharts…should be writing instead” I found it hilarious! πŸ˜†

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