Writing Schedules

If you’re a writer, chances are you have a writing schedule that has taken a while to pin down.

You tried getting up before work or school to write, but the words were too blurry.

Then you tried writing at lunch, but the potato chip crumbs kept falling between your laptop keys.

When you tried writing between 6:14 and 8:27 in the evening the words flowed onto the page, but you missed your favorite reruns.

Finally, you narrowed it down to this:
“I have to write on weekends, after coffee, before lunch, as long as there isn’t anything else going on.”

Break it down further:
“I have to write on weekends, after coffee, before lunch.”

A little more:
“I have to write on weekends.”

You know what’s next:
“I have to write.”

That’s it.

Make it work.


  1. I know, I know. The nerve!

    I love thinking that what I’m doing instead of writing will add to my writing, but it’s like researching the best way to chop firewood. I may know how the Indonesian Split Method compares to the Flying Balkan Wedge, but I still don’t have any firewood…

  2. Aw snap. And here I am, using my time wisely as I Google “writer’s schedules” instead of actually writing. Curse you for cutting through my procrastinating! Curse you!

  3. So true. Now if only the baby would leave me alone so I could do so.

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