This is huge. I love The War of Art, Turning Pro, Gates of Fire, The Profession, Killing Rommel–look at Steven Pressfield’s body of work and you’ll see a list of my favorite books.

To be one of the artists featured in the Outreach series by a key member of the Steven Pressfield team, Callie Oettinger of Oettinger & Associates, is a tremendous honor.

Check out the full interview here.

An excerpt:

Jeremy and I met via Twitter. I can’t remember the content of his first tweet, but I know it was related to Steve Pressfield, whose Twitter account I manage. In the end, the point is that we stayed in touch. He took an interest in my work and gradually started sharing his work, to the point that I found myself sitting with my son, reading him one of Jeremy’s first books.

We’ve gotten to know each other through a comfortable back and forth of e-mails, Facebook and Twitter shares, and then there’s the phone—and it’s been a joy.

Saying he’s friendly and nice isn’t enough, though.

From where I stand, he’s one of the individuals who writes—and doesn’t just talk about wanting to be a full-time writer. He’s putting in the time, and not waiting for others to do it for him. As Steve would say, he’s planting his ass in the seat, and doing the work.

Check out the full interview here.