This is the map I created for Akon’s Mission as a visual guide for the layout of Sparta in 432 BC.

Ancient Sparta wasn’t a city like Athens, which had a dense collection of buildings and citizens surrounded by a wall. Sparta was a loose group of five villages inhabited by tribes who worked together according to the political and societal laws of Lycurgus. There was no wall, as the Spartans considered their vaunted phalanx to be superior to any static defensive structure.

Because the Spartans didn’t care much for record keeping or massive, long-lasting architecture, some of the map is guesswork, such as the location of the barracks and the training grounds.

Thanks to Mike Anderson and his information-packed site for the help!

Akon's Mission, Sparta, 432 BC | Copyright Jeremy Brown

Akon’s Mission, Sparta, 432 BC | Copyright Jeremy Brown