Awesome editor Lorie Popp Jones from Medallion Press and I have just handled the last edits for Hook and Shoot, the sequel to Suckerpunch. We are on track for a November release, and until then here’s the teaser we’ll be using:

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The driver opened the gym door. Heat boiled in off the blacktop. He expected me to follow. “Mr. Wallace.”I waved to Roth and Terence, standing in the boxing ring with their mouths hanging open. “Peasants.”

“Don’t sign anything,” Gil said.

“Won’t even take my crayons.”

I walked to the limo thinking Eddie had waited this long because he wanted the perfect matchup for my next heavyweight fight. Something that would take full advantage of the KO win over Burbank and the eleven new fans I’d picked up.

Serves me right for thinking he’d give me what I deserved instead of what he wanted me to have. He’d waited until he had something to hold over my head, despite being short enough the two of us would make a decent ventriloquist team—might have to rip his spine out, but he never used it.

The driver held the limo door.

I waved at Gil and got in.

The next time I saw him was a day later. I had my next fight lined up and a blow dart sticking out of my face.